Name - Line
Age - 13 years
Born - 30/05/1994
Zodiac sign - gemini
Hair - Blonde (but I colour it red)
Eyes - Blue/grey
Born in - Denmark
Favourite food - buttered potatoes
Likes - colours, ear rings, karaoke, cute and funny stuff <3
Dislikes - loud sounds, spiders, creepy things
 Language - Danish, English (and I'm studying French and Japanese)
Hey everyone! My name's Line and I'm 13 years old.
I live in Denmark, a small country in Europe.
I have a big interest in Japan and manga, and that's why I'm studying Japanese.
I love to draw while listening to music, being with friends and things like that...
- guess I'm just like any other normal girl?
I basically draw shoujo, but sometimes I also draw other things (if I feel like :3).
My english isn't perfect, so please ignore my gramma mistakes ;A;